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We will customize the app to match your brand. We will also help you promote your partners.

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Inform your guests

Communicate with guests
before, during and after the event.

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Let guests share their
programs and enjoy events together.

Enhance your brand

Use the app as a great tool to amplify
the branding of your company or that of your partners.

Speak all languages

The language of the app changes
according to the language of the device.

Simplify data flow

Upload your data using
AirTable or let us import using an API.

Keep track

Receive valuable statistical data
about your guests to improve your event.

What people say

The application App4Event served as a great guide for visitors of the Mighty Sounds Music Festival. In particular, we appreciated the opportunity to address our visitors at any time during the festival via push notifications which worked great in spite of an overloaded mobile network.

Marek VohralíkMighty Sounds festival

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